Old News flare title animation
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Old News 11 x 17 inches promo poster shrunk for web display, 300 dpi
This poster is downloadable here as a 4.4 MB, 300 dpi, 11"w X 17"h .jpg file.
Rock art discoveries over the past generation demonstrate Christopher Columbus was a relative late-comer among European sailors who explored North America. The exciting evidence, dated by nuclear chemistry, is carved on the remote sandstone cliffs and within caves of the rugged Oklahoma panhandle and southeastern Colorado canyon country. Written messages in an ancient Celtic alphabet known as Ogham survive in proximity to the more abundant imagery of the wonderful petroglyphic art of the Plains Indians. Old News documents the passion by advocates of pre-Columbian, trans-Atlantic contact and the stunning intolerance of most professional archaeologists to seriously consider the evidence. Particularly compelling are archaeoastronomical links to the Old World. Rock art shadow plays that occur only at equinox sunrises and sunsets, a Lughnasad cross-quarter dawn and a summer solstice sunset are all accompanied by predictive Ogham inscriptions. Additionally, engraved constellation maps tie these remarkable finds to distinctively Indo-European understandings of the Zodiac in ancient times. The "Noble Twins" inscription, for example, memorializes 3 planets traveling through the Gemini Constellation, a rare and noteworthy event for ancient skywatchers, observed just before dawn on Lughnasad, August 8, 471 CE. Woven into some of the star maps are secrets of the initiates in an arcane, astral religion known as Mithraism that pre-dated Christianity. Mithras and his entourage are symbolic participants in a revealing shadowcast --- a virtual ancient motion picture --- at equinox sunset in Oklahoma's Anubis Cave. Unless professional anthropologists take an interest, all these threads to the past may simply be forgotten.