Old News flare title animation
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3 minute trailer (9.1 MB), stereo
MPEG-4, 30 frames/sec., 5:3 aspect

For the best stereo and widescreen viewing, the QuickTime 7 player for Windows or Mac is needed. Click here or on the black badge to the right to get it free from Apple. If your computer struggles with the rapid data of the MPEG-4 version above, try this alternate, smaller widescreen (5.6 MB).
To view the Old News trailer with older players, click any link beneath the badges, below. All versions play at half the normal refresh rate in 240 wide x 180 high (4:3) displays. Or, directly download larger and clearer versions at 30 f.p.s. by clicking on your choice of any of the three lowest links, below.
video podcasts on Old News documentary
MPEG-4 with H.264 codec

QuickTime 7 required
Apple Credits
Real Networks download
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6.3 MB
WMP download
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6 MB
QuickTime download
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