Old News documentary features enigmatic rock art from southeastern Colorado and the Oklahoma panhandle suggestive of a Celtic presence in America 1500 to perhaps 3000 years ago, esp., 8 August 471 CE
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2006 up-converted to HD, an hour 21 minute documentary

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America's oldest motion pictures
Old News examines discoveries over the past 4 decades that indicate Plains Indians had visitors from the far side of the Atlantic a thousand years before Columbus sailed from Iberia. More than a half dozen archaeoastronomical panels are documented with video timelapses on the equinoxes, the summer solstice and Lughnasad. Only after translations of the associated grooved writings were these solar alignments first observed. We examine the nature of Irish Ogham and how it compares to the consonantal variety found in America, show the sort of explosive reaction this subject ignites among American archaeologists, follow a researcher as he applies his nuclear chemical analysis to dating some Ogham rock writings, propose that these foreigners may have worshipped Mithras revealed by their layered iconography and specific Indo-European star charts detailing Mithras' regulation of orderly celestial cycles, discuss the humanity of these powerful discoveries, and conclude by suggesting a much earlier expedition from an ancient southern coastal seaport on the Arabian peninsula based on the unique Dhofari alphabet found on other heavily patinated rocks in remote, southeast Colorado.
Crack Cave
spectators queue for Crack Cave's Ogham spotlighted by a 2005 equinox sunup
noon sun dagger at Pathfinder
phallic sun shaft pierces female petroglyph at 2004 autumnal equinox
2005 spring equinox dawn at Crack Cave
Old News introduces an Apishapa equinox fertility site named the Pathfinder with a pointy, solar-noon shaft, 10 times the size of America's famous Sun Daggers (which no longer align) at Fajada Butte, New Mexico. This penetrative, solar-noon, equinox Sun Shaft targets sequential alignments with assorted petroglyphs and may have inspired the Navajo's Changing Woman creation legend coupled with sister deity White Shell Woman (Mother Earth motifs) impregnated by (Father Sun) rays as they spread their legs in full daylight reclining on a rock in shallow, flowing waters.

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