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examples of archaeoastronomy in dramatic cinema

Apocalypto (2006) National Treasure (2004) Cast Away (2000)
Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959)

.pdf files of documentary transcripts

text only displayed and printable in black & white updated: mid-2006 revisions 168 KB, 25 pages, download

first edition text with embedded chapter thumbnail images in color, 2005 2.2 MB, 27 pages, download

bibliography with links and .pdf downloads in blue

video ash-Shahri, Ali Ahmed Ali, Dhofar Salalah, Sultanate of Oman, author of Dhofar: its Ancient Inscriptions and Writings and The Language of AAD; Oman Daily Observer newspaper article 'Ancient script leads Dhofar to Colorado', January 23, 2016

correspondence including Dr. Calvert Watkins letter from 1977 involving the Office of State Archaeologist Colorado re: Dr. Don Rickey's suspected Ogham discoveries at site 5LA1115, selectively highlighted, with bridge narrative by Scott Monahan download 2.8 MB, 20 pages

Dorn, Ronald I., Professor of Geography, Arizona State University, Tempe, Rock Varnish (desert varnish): An Internet Primer for Rock Art Research

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Lehrburger, Carl, 2006, 'The Anubis Caves: Evidence of Mithraism and Celtic Religion in the Oklahoma Panhandle' Part One, In Ancient American, Issue 68, 11:8-12 download 1.8 MB, 4½ pages

Lehrburger, Carl, 2006, 'The Anubis Caves: Mithraic Religion in the Oklahoma Panhandle' Part Two, In Ancient American, Issue 69, 11:26-30 download 1.7 MB, 5 pages

Lehrburger, Carl and Monahan, Scott, 2006, 'Evidence of Old World Travelers in Colorado: The Sun Temple and Crack Cave' in Ancient American, Issue 70, 11:2-17 download 11.5 MB, 7 pages

Leonard, Phil, 2006, 'A New World Monument to Mithras' in depth, illustrated companion to Old News Chapter 27 on recent interpretations of Anubis Cave iconography download 18.5 MB, 78 pages, exclusive

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Zimmerman, Mark E., 1925, 'The Pawnee Americans' in Collections of the Kansas State Historical Society 1923-1925, Volume 16, pp. 463-475, Topeka download 1.2 MB, 13 pages highlighted including mid-America map, ethnography and archaeology suggestive of Skidi Pawnee link to ancient Celts in America

newspaper & television coverage

trailer video Monahan, Scott, May 7, 1985, History on the Rocks documentary KRMA-TV, PBS, Denver 58 minutes

Diddlebock, Bob, June 2, 1985, 'Archaeological team theorizes early Celts left mark in Colorado,' Rocky Mountain News p. 6. download 552 KB, 1 page

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video McNamara, Bob, March 23, 1987, 'Mysterious illuminations on a cave wall...are they a clue to a new history of America?,' CBS Evening News with Dan Rather

video Savory, Eve, April 19, 1987, 'How expert theories contradict other forms of history,' Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Sunday Report

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Coffield, Dana, September 18, 2005, 'AncientLight,' Denver Post p. 34A. download 1 MB, 1 page

History of Nova Scotia

"Norwegians -- though there be very little record of it -- visited the most northern parts of eastern North America over a thousand years ago. Indeed, maybe before the Norwegians, the Irish paid a visit; or maybe, in classic times, the Greeks."

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