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the GEMINI CONSTELLATION ♊ featuring Castor and Pollux,  ORION, TAURUS ♉ and ARIES
with cameos by
VENUS ♀, JUPITER ♃ and  SATURN ♄, and a supporting cast of  BILLIONS
Mithras at Anubis Cave
plus MITHRAS the mystic god
and universal maintenance man

BORN out of ROCK and
and, of course,

the SUN
summer solstice sunset
spinning earth
and the ☽ MOON
moon set
and the PEOPLE (in order of appearance) who EXPLAIN IT ALL
Bill McGlone (1928-1999), retired materials engineer, explorer and author
This Ogham is perhaps the best defined that I've ever seen in the western United States. It starts with a stem line going across here and then has two very deep grooves across the stem line forming the letter G.
Phil Leonard, epigrapher (decipherment scholar) and author
We also have the image of the two suns and the god sitting between the two suns, the six months, the waxing sun and the waning sun, so the god is sitting at the point of the equinox. That's the position of Mithras. It's not the position of other gods. It's not Jupiter's position. It's not Zeus' position. That's the position of Mithras.
Barry Fell (1917-1994), Ph.D. Marine Biology, retired Professor at Harvard University, epigrapher and author of America B.C.
It's only a group of American archaeologists who have suffered from the peculiar manner in which archaeologists are educated in this country, totally omitting any knowledge of ancient languages whatever, so that they can't recognize them when they see them, it's only them that are the real problem.
John Gooding, Colorado Highway Department archaeologist
As a result of certain misguided efforts by some people that drew Mr. Fell and his cult following into this field, certain letters went out trying to resolve the issue. Dr. Calvin Watkins, who is in the Department of Linguistics at Harvard University, his opening statement is, "I have examined the photographs of Colorado petroglyphs at 5LA115 which you sent me on September 1. I can state categorically that they are not a variant of Ogham, á là Barry Fell, as you put it in your letter."
Dennis Gallagher, Regis University Professor of Speech

Phil Leonard, "...they had some exposure to the Latin."

Oh, yeah, they did. Very early on.
Rollin Gillespie (1909-2002), astronomer and retired NASA engineer
Now, I think we've got something that's not only interesting to us, as epigraphers and archaeologists and historians. I think we've got something that is interesting to the psychologists, and I want to give them the best information that we can pull out of what we see here. And it's a big, complicated job.
Carl Lehrburger, explorer and author
On the equinox there are three apparent target glyphs the sundagger strikes over the 45-minute descent across the panel around noon.

--- 'Ancient Colorado Rock Art Site Employs Light Animation
to Mark Equinoxes: Astronomical Alignments Predate Anasazi
Civilization' Part One, In Ancient American, Issue 65, 10:16

Robert K. Mark, Ph.D. Geology, U.S. Geological Survey, American Rock Art Research Association
I think that a reasonable case has been made that there's something of interest here that deserves further study and I would hope that it gets that sort of study.
Evelyn Newman, U.S. Geological Survey, American Rock Art Research Association
When the sun was up a little bit after the horizon you could see that it was along the curvature of that one petroglyph, which was also indicative that it was being utilized.
Scott Monahan, writer, producer and narrator of Old News and History on the Rocks
Precision sundials engraved in rock here in southeastern Colorado reveal a fascinating story. If the inscriptions you're about to see are valid, the roots of written history in the New World go back much earlier than we've been taught. Were people from the Old World exploring and in contact with Native Americans 15 hundred, perhaps even 3 thousand years ago?
Ron Dorn, Ph.D. Geography, Professor of Geography, Arizona State University, Tempe
I'm attempting to determine the ages, or approximate ages, of these engravings. The dating technique I use is called CATION ratio dating and in a nutshell it's an attempt to calibrate the chemistry of the coating that forms on the engravings with the chemistry of coating that forms on surfaces where you know the age.
Gloria Farley (1918-2006), Oklahoma rock art explorer and author
And at the very instant of sunset the knob, or they call it the thumb pointer, the shadow, fills this little curve right here. This happens only on equinox day. On the day before equinox it won't happen, on the day after it won't happen. And it only happens at the instant of sunset on equinox day that that shadow fills this, and when that happens, then the shadow comes down over the head of the sun god, representing day, and the figure of Anubis, representing darkness, lights up, the whole figure, and then an instant later the sun's gone and the whole thing's gone. It's dramatic!
Robert Meyer (1911-1987), Ph.D. Professor of Celtic Studies at Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.
...they (Ogham found in America) are as important as the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls for biblical criticism, that this shows that the Irish were not confined to the British Isles or to a small island of Ireland...
Ted Barker, lifelong southeast Colorado rancher and local rock art explorer and authority

Scott Monahan, "What convinced you to no longer
subscribe to the idea that this is all Plains Indians?
What led you to change your mind about that?"

I think that would be a who. Bill McGlone made a big impression on us.


16mm film by Sam Allen, archive video by Bob Tews, Stuart Keene and Marty Zimmerman, DV by Scott Monahan and Matthew Sposato
primary research by Phillip M. Leonard, research in Ireland by Kathleen Cain, research and March 2004 images of Pathfinder by Carl Lehrburger
grips: Carl Minck, Pete Sauer, Mike Waugh, Carl Lehrburger and Brendan Monahan
Newgrange & Loughcrew images and video Michael Fox, Knowth.com
Mithraic image from Iran of Gemini-Orion-Taurus © Manoochehr Aryan, jamejamshid.com
Image of ancient ship rock engraving from National Archaeological Museum, Naples, Italy courtesy Robert I. Wilson
"The Windmills Of Your Mind" written by Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman & Michel Legrand, published by EMI U Catalog Inc., (ASCAP), performed by oboist William Adams
"Chronos" score for solstice sunset (and .mp3 theme looping on this web page) by Scott Monahan
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